Winners of the fifth week of Confinement Bartender Contest

We want to start this post by thanking all the amazing bartenders that have joined us in this ride! One month already of our Confinement Bartender Contest to help bartenders around the world.

As we approach the end of the Confinement Bartender Contest phase, we would like to thank again the IBA International Bartender Association for their support. We have received over 200 videos from all over the world! You can check the winners of the first week here, the winners of the second week here, winners of the third week here and fourth week here.

We want to thank and congratulate all bartenders for their effort and dedication. Stay tuned as we will have a new contest during the summer!

And finally, between June 8th and July 8th we will select a grand winner for a grand prize of 2.000 euros!


Winners of week #5 Confinement Bartender Contest

Today we start to introduce the winners of the fifth week of the Confinement Bartender Contest.

Each week we choose 10 winners, and we will present 2 per day on our website and our social networks, Instagram (@spiritshunters_mag), and Facebook. Contest ends May 30th and final announcements of winners of the sixth and last week of contest (25-30 may) will take place between Monday 1st and Friday 5th. And the GRAND FINAL will take place from June 8th until July 8th. Details soon!!!


Week 5 – Day 5

For our last day of the fifth week we are happy to congratulate Florencia Aguilar from Spain and Murzin Artiom from Russia!


Florencia Aguilar – Spain – ABAR

Cocktail: El regreso

60 ml rum

30 ml vermouth Rosso

15 ml Amaro Fernet

Lemon twist



Murzin Artiom – Russia – Tambov

Cocktail: Humble

Tiki Lovers Pineapple 15 ml

1883 Dulce de Lethe flavoured syrup 10 ml

Strong coffee 100 ml

Frangelico liqueur 15 ml

Double cream 50 ml



Week 5 – Day 4

Today we are happy to congratulate from Bolivia, Marco Andrew Cuellar Pariente and Gioacchino Sorrentino all the way from Australia! Congratulations for your confinement cocktails!


Marco Andrew Cuellar Pariente – Bolivia – Oasis de Dali

Cocktail: Singani Green & Sour

Singani 1 1/2 Oz.

Apple Liqueur 1 Oz.

Lemon Juice 1/2 Oz.

Simple Syrup 1 Oz.

Egg White 1 Oz.

Garnish: Apple Slice and Peppermint



Gioacchino Sorrentino – Australia – Iceberg Dining Room & Bar (Australia)

Cocktail: The Golden Punch


White rum 75 ml.

Rose Black Tea 100 ml.

Homemade Strawberry Liqueur 25 ml.

Lemon juice 25 ml.

Pineapple juice 30 ml.

Coconut Milk 120 ml.

Sugar 20 g.

Technique: Clarified milk punch.


Add coconut milk in a jar and set aside.

Mix remaining ingredients into another jar.

Slowly pour tea mixture into the milk and Gently stir until it curdles.

Strain through a coffee filter to collect the curds.

Strain a second time until it gets as clear as possible.

Pour 135 ml of the clarified Punch.


Pineapple leather fruit homemade.


Week 5 – Day 3

Congratulations to Pedro Duarte from Portugal and Paul Costea from Romania for their cocktail creations! Bravo!


Pedro Duarte – PORTUGAL

Cocktail:  Té italiano Cocktail

50 ml bianco /blanc vermouth

30 ml English breakfast tea infusion

15 ml fresh lemon juice

15 ml honey syrup



Paul Costea – Romania – Amphora Beach Bar

Cocktail: Almost Zanzibar

50 ml Vodka green apple

50 ml kiwi/banana puree (homemade)

25 ml Pisang liqueur

25 ml lemon fresh

50 ml green apple juice

Method: Build, Stir

Garnish: Green apple fan/ kiwi peel



Week 5 – Day 2

Today our winning bartenders are Oleg Sviridov from Russia and Andrés Damerval from Ecuador! Congratulations both for your original confinement cocktails!


Andrés Damerval – Ecuador – Coctelería en Español

Cocktail: El Valle (The Valley)

50ml Aguardiente Cristal (it’s a dry distilled sugar cane product)

45ml cold Brew coffee

25ml lime juice

25ml ginger syrup

2drops Angostura bitters

Top Tonic Water

Shake and strain

Garnish: lemon wheel

Enjoy! 🥃🙌🥳

“The Valley cocktail it’s called so because where they produce the sugar cane and distilled the Aguardiente it’s surrounded by valleys, so it’s my tribute to them!”


Oleg Sviridov – Russia – MaiTaiBar

Cocktail: BBM – BeefBaconMaria


-infused bacon vodka – 50ml

-tomato juice -250ml

-salt and pepper

-slice of tomato and beef bacon for garnish

For a bacon infusion: grill the bacon strips until they change color. Then place it in a jar with vodka and place in the fridge for a few days. Different bacon gives a different taste.



Week 5 – Day 1

We are happy to congratulate Samarth Gangthade from India and Jonathan Stubbs from North Wales! Congratulations for your confinement cocktails!


Samarth Gangthade – India – The Ritz – Carlton Pune

Cocktail: Mango-Mint Julep


Whisky– 60 ml/2 oz

Alfonso Mango – 8-10 dices

Canned Mango Juice- – 60 ML/2oz

Lime wedges – 5-6 wedges

Mint leaves- 3 to 4 sprigs

Grain/Demerara Sugar- a teaspon

Simple Syrup- 15ml/ 0.5 oz

Lemon Juice – 15 ml/ 0.5 oz

Lemonlime Soda – to top up

Method: Muddle and Build in a Highball Glass


Jonathan Stubbs – North Wales – The Kinmel hotel and spa

Cocktail: Berry Gin Sour

25 g of blueberries muddled

50 ml of strawberry pink Gin

12.5 ml of sugar syrup

20 ml of bramble Gin

1 egg white

Garnish: Frozen berries as ice and fresh blueberries


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Good luck!

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