There is a cocktail recipe based mainly on Angostura bitters!

If you are looking for a new cocktail recipe, we have the solution. This cocktail based on Angostura bitters as the main alcohol will do the job and, according to The Manual this cocktail recipe is divine and will hook you.

Known as Trinidad Sour, this cocktail was invented by bartender and mixologist Giuseppe Gonzalez during his time at the Clover Club bar in Brooklyn. It’s a cocktail that blends sour, sweet and bitter flavors. Since then it has become a success and has become known.

Angostura bitters have been around since 1842. Today, it continues to be made with the same recipe as back then, originally created to relieve stomach symptoms. Who would believe it was a medicine?



30 ml of Angostura

30 ml fresh lemon juice

30 ml Demerara Syrup

1 egg white


Sour coupe


Shake dry. Then shake in the cocktail shaker with ice and double strain in a cold sour glass.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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