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El Punch de Mi Tierra cocktail by Pavel Vivanco

Pavel Vivanco works as a manager at Prohibición Bar. As a bartender, he is also ambassador of the “Coctelería con Historia”. Creator of the cocktail “El Punch de mi Tierra”, he is from Peru and lives in the city of Ica.

The “El Punch de mi Tierra” includes mango pulp and cachina, a typical Peruvian drink made from grape juice and Pisco, a brandy of wine. Other ingredients include aperol and aquafaba, a liquid in which legumes are cooked, here an aquafaba of beans. It is a product that can serve perfectly as a substitute for egg white.


El Punch de mi Tierra Cocktail

cocktail pisco


¼ Oz, of pisco

1 oz of aperol

¼, or 1 ½ oz of mango pulp

A dash of lemon juice

Type of glass: cocktail glass

Garnish: edible flower


Mix the various ingredients starting with cachina. Add the garnish and serve.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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