#WorldBartenderDay: these bartenders from around the world that you should meet

On the occasion of WorldBartenderDay, we present you these bartenders from around the world who have been part of the adventure!


Camille Pelisson @camille_drinking – France

Cocktail: Golden Brandy

  • 7cl Cognac VS
  • 3cl Yellow Lemon juice
  • 3cl Timut Pepper Syrup
  • 7cl Pimento Ginger Beer
  • Fresh rosemary

Method: smoke the rosemary. In a shaker, mix all the ingredients except the Ginger Beer which is added to the Tumblr after pouring. Decorate with a sprig of rosemary, a few straws and a straw.


Adil Fahri Tala @adil_fahri_ – Indonesia

Bunga Cinta Cocktail


Dry Gin

Hibiscus Water

Bergamot liqueur

Citric Solution

Sauternes Wine

Mist rose water


Rémi Massai @frenchandstormy – France

Photo: Natacha Wolinsky

Cocktail Ripe Banana

  • 30ml Banana Infused Cognac
  • 25 ml White Vermouth
  • 20 ml Salted Butter Fudge Syrup
  • 1 drop Mezcal Saline solution
  • 2 dashes Orange bitter

Stir and Strain

Serve on a Clear ice Cube @thenicecompanyparis

Garnish with Salted Banana Chips


Antony Bertin @antony_bertin_od – France

Mezgroni – Twist on the Negroni by Antony Bertin

  • 30 ml of Mezcal Unión
  • 30 ml of white Lillet infused with homemade Popcorn
  • 30 ml of Gentian aperitif “La Jeannette”

Garnish: Corn on the cob and micro-vegetables

Type of glass: rocks


Mattia Cavola @mattia.c_ – Italy

The Shotgun Cocktail (Twist on a Sidecar)

The drink is based on a sidecar structure with our Cognac as a soul of it, a home-made cordial instead of the liquor and the lemon juice. The cordial is inspired from French Cuisine recipes and made out of:

  • sauvignon blanc
  • yellow peach
  • tarragon
  • lemon peel
  • orange peel
  • caster sugar
  • citric acid
  • malic acid
  • salt

Everything closed in a vacuum bag and cooked with sous vide, then strained with a coffee filter. So, the drink is composed of:

  • Cognac (VSOP) 45ml
  • Cordial 30ml
  • Lemon juice 10ml

Stir and strain over chunks, in a speakeasy wine glass. Garnished with peach blossom.


Ivan Usov @ivanusov_bartender – Russia

“Bartender Symphony” Cocktail

Bourbon – 45ml
Lemon juice – 20ml
Homemade Tepache syrup* – 20ml
Egg powder – 1g
Method: Shake & Strain
Glass: Champagne saucer
Garnish: Lemon peel

✔️Tepache syrup Recipe:
Pineapple peel 300g.
Pineapple 100g.
Cinnamon 1 stick
Clove 4 pieces
Sugar 250g.
Water 500ml.
Put all ingredients together and leave for 2 days.
Then vaporise it to a syrup-like consistency.

🧊Perfect ice
Pour water into the foam container and put it in the freezer. Get out before it is completely frozen! You get perfect clear ice!


Courtney Francis @_courtney_francis_ – England


  • 40ml x Duck Fat-Washed VS Cognac
  • 20ml x Sweet Vermouth
  • 15ml x Fig Liqueur
  • 10ml x Dry Sherry
  • 6 drops of orange/walnut bitters blend

Tasting notes: Candied orange peel, game, earthy fruits, bittersweet, dry oak


Matteo Carretta @matteo___carretta – Italia

Ra-Barbaro (Negroni twist) recipe


Type of glass: rocks / old fashioned

Garnish: Served with pickle rhubarb coin


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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