Portrait: Abril Ramirez, agave lover and obsessed with ingredients and flavors

Abril Ramirez is a cocktail creator, fond of agave and currently living in Mexico City. Her passion, but most of all questioning her creativity led her to create videos for the Confinement Bartender Contest for which she was among the finalists.

We also discovered another side of Abril for our summer love series “If my first love were a cocktail“. During the last months, we exchanged with her about the Confinement Bartender Contest, her bartending career and what drives her.



SPIRITS HUNTERS: 1. Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Santa Cruz, California.


2 – How long have you been a bartender?

I have been bartending for six years.


3 – What brought you to the world of bartending / what inspired you to become a bartender?

The reason I became a bartender is not romantic by any means. It was out of necessity that I took a barbacking position at a restaurant in my hometown. However, I very quickly fell in love with the craft and started learning how to bartend and the rest was history.


4 – What have you discovered about yourself being a bartender?

Bartending led me to discover my borderline obsession with ingredients and flavors. It has given me a new medium for harnessing my creativity and opened up a whole world of possibilities.


5 – How is the situation in your city/country regarding Covid?

I am currently living in Mexico City and with the current situation bars are closed.


6 – What inspired you to make the video you’ve sent us for the Confinement Bartender Contest?

During the quarantine I found myself building up an incredible amount of creative energy. The video for the cocktail competition was the perfect excuse to push myself creatively and make a cocktail with whatever I could find in my apartment.


7 – Is your bar open today?

I had just moved to Mexico City before Covid hit. Therefore, I am currently not working at a bar at the moment.


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