The Menorca’s Breeze cocktail by bartender Àngel Àlles Camps

Angel, is a bartender from Menorca, Spain working in an Irish pub called @theblarneystoneirishpub. He brings us the Menorca Breeze cocktail.

I like to work with the local product, do my own cocktails. I play with the nature flavors, doing my own syrups and liqueurs or infusions.

Menorca’s Breeze: A cocktail that represents the Mediterranean sea, their flavors, citric, sweet, and the perfect blue color. A combination of Gin Xoriguer, tangerine, marine fennel, fresh mint leaves and an egg white to simulate de white of the waves.


– 35ml Gin Xoriguer

– 35ml tangerine juice

– 35ml Blue Curaçao

– 8 mint leaves

– 25ml marine fennel syrup

– Egg white

We put all the ingredients in the shaker, we do a dry shake. Then add ice and shake again. Strain into a freeze glass and garnish with a tangerine peel and if you want some mint. Recreate a marine landscape and present the cocktail.



You can follow Angel’s creations on his Instagram @shakeinmenorca.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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