My Best and Favorite Rum, by the bartender Aditya Surya Saputra 

Meeting with Aditya Surya Saputra, the bartender of the precious island of Bali shares with us these three favorite rums.

Aditya Surya Saputra was a mixologist at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts in Bali and at the Bali Breakers Resort. Strong of proposals, he created many cocktails for both bars. He is now bartender and bar manager at the famous Café del Mar in Bali Australasia, with sea view. But he is also the owner and founder of Milky Me, a range of healthy shakes.

His favorite classic cocktail is the Negroni. His cocktails are served with a cuisine from the coastal Mediterranean and neo-Middle East that emphasizes a playful menu, inspired by the seasons and based on ingredients of the highest quality.


Three Rums by Aditya Surya Saputra

Ron Matusalem: A soft, complex texture, with vanilla on the attack, followed by oak, caramel, banana and cocoa on the palate.


Ron zacapa 15 ambar: Sweet to the end, strong apple/cognac flavors, sweet honeyed viscosity, oak, vanilla, dried fruit and some licorice, spicy hints of cinnamon and ginger. Very concentrated.


Diplomatico Reserva: Nuts, sweet caramel, cooking spices, brown sugar, cinnamon, buttery and fruity. Also fudge and tropical fruit flavors.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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