Why do bartenders rinse the glass before serving beer?

Before serving the beer, bartenders rinse the glass… Intriguing !

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By rinsing your beer mug before serving you, the bartender is not trying to add to your beer a little water or to discreetly catch up a previous wash forgetting. His professional ethic prevents him from doing so. Bartenders rinse the glass for only one purpose: to form a cloud of foam close to perfection.


For what reasons do bartenders rinse the glass before serving a beer?

One might as well say that the quality of the bubble neck can be degraded by several factors. In this case, there are microscopic particles of dust or minerals left by the evaporation of the washing water.

So many elements around which the gas dissolved in the beer can form a bubble; a phenomenon which, if it is excessive, can cause a release of uncontrolled gas and give rise to a tasteless glass of foam.

As commonplace as they may seem, these bubbles also arouse the interest of scientists who work to better understand their role and determine precisely the conditions that optimize their forming.


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