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Oakland-based mixologist Michael Cecconi brings mixology into your home

The Oakland-based mixologist began hosting virtual events and making bottled craft cocktails during the pandemic, Berkeleyside reported.

With the pandemic, “reinvention” became the keyword to upholding motivation, both professionally and personally-wise. Finding new ways of captivating both current and new customers was imperative. Some bartenders found solace thanks to the internet, which hopefully helped us staying connected through the wall of social distancing.

Between virtual mixology classes and prebatched cocktails for delivery, the world of mixology kept running. It is the case of many beloved bars, bartenders and mixologists all over the world, as Michael Cecconi, founder of M Squared Spirits.

Cecconi hosts virtual happy hours, cocktail classes and events via Zoom, this app that became the link between so many of us. At the distance, Cecconi shows people how to use household items like Tupperware, mason jars, even pasta strainers, to create your at-home cocktail bar.

His cocktail repertoire includes contemporary twists on classic cocktails like the Aviation and the French 75, so in right now. He likes to go through different sides of the cocktail world, from gin to mezcal to tiki and even avant-garde.

Cecconi also finds great opportunities on special days of the year like Valentine’s Day. Last February 14th, he taught couples through his virtual mixology classes how to shake cocktails with or for their partner.

Every guest of Cecconi’s class will learn the art of mixology through a step-by-step guidance, providing barmaster tips and techniques, like, how to open a Champagne bottle without explosion and how to whip up more than two cocktails. Participants of the class will receive a list of equipment and things to buy, as well as prep instructions and of course, a link to the classroom one week ahead of the virtual event.

If you’re interested in taking Michael Cecconi’s virtual mixology class, go to his Instagram @themobilemixologist and stay updated.


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