Dutch Geisha cocktail by Santiago Vásquez

Santiago Vásquez is a bartender from Bogota, Colombia, residing in Miami Beach. He is C.E.O Masterbartender at AntiMixologist. He shared with us his Dutch Geisha cocktail.

His mission consists in the training of crew bar in basic bar operation, spirits and liqueurs history, how to use them, mixology and quality. He introduced us to Dutch Geisha cocktail.

Dutch Geisha is a collaboration between Skully Gin and the AntiMixologist using the inspiration of the asian cuisine to create a cocktail sweet and salty perfect to match with nigiri or new style dishes, the perfect match between the bartender and the brand makes me think that soulmates exist!


Dutch Geisha cocktail

Dutch Geisha cocktail by Santiago Vásquez


2 oz Skully Smooth Wasabi Premium Gin

1/2 oz Yukikage Dry Sake

1 oz Cranberry juice

1/2 oz Gyomuyo Yuzusu (Yuzu)

1/2 oz Demerara sweet soy sauce

1 1/2 Spoon wild blueberry preserve


Filthy cherry and orchid flower

Type of glas

Coupe glass



Put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker (for the Demerara Sweet Soy Sauce mix 1 Spoon of Demerara Sugar with 1/2 oz of of Soy Sauce) add ice, hard shake to integrate the preserve and all the ingredientes, double strain over a big Coupe glass with Big Ice cube inside, Garnish with a Filthy Cherry and an Orchid Flower. Cheers!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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