Could you define “mixology”?

Selecting our cocktail in a bar according to our tastes and according to the menu, is perhaps simple. What is behind the preparation of cocktails?



Preparing “elegant” and “refined” cocktails is better known as mixology. But beyond giving a visual appeal to the cocktail, it also implies a prior knowledge of the ingredients to be used.

This profession, being a “mixologist” is an exercise frequently demanded by renowned establishments that demand quality in their preparations. This will offer more dynamism to your customers and a touch of originality to your cocktail menu. Creativity certainly plays a big role in this profession.



The popularity of the word mixology emerged during the 2000s. More specifically in New York bars. From the need to create original cocktails and bring an identity to bars, this branch of cocktailry was popularized then that not necessarily all bartenders dominate. Although most bar professionals dominate at some level the mixology.


Becoming a mixologist

We can all become myxologists. To this end, there are specialized academies that teach how to study special techniques, study the ingredients and their selection. If you are already a bartender, it will not be very difficult to become one. If you start from scratch, it is advisable to start from the profession of bartender to learn the essential rules of preparing cocktails.

This career can become a passion and a very fruitful job. Some mixologists can earn up to 3000 euros per month, depending on the establishment for which they work. Tempted by the profession?


A cocktail worthy of a mixologist

Chetan Gangan, a mixologist, shared with Spirits Hunters a cocktail recipe of his authorship, the Maverick.


60 ml of Bacardi Gold

22.5 ml lemon

22.5 ml grapefruit

20 ml honey

Egg whites

Angostura Spray


Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Then pour the contents of the shaker into a cocktail glass. Finally decorate with honey.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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