The Secrets of Elias Sergiopoulos, bartender at Baba au Rhum Athens

Bartender at Baba au Rum in Athens, Greece, Elias Sergiopoulos gives us here the ingredients that are the trend at the moment.

Clove is the first trend ingredient that he presents to us. This flower native to Indonesia is very popular for its antiseptic and anesthetic properties. It gives both spicy and woody notes to all cocktails in which it is applied. It’s a real treat for palates.

The coriander seeds are the other spice that we always have behind the bar. These seeds produce an orange flavor. Added to a cocktail, coriander seeds leave a slightly bitter taste on the tongue.

Strength and warmth: these are the two notes that bring the pimento to cocktails. These sensations always sought make pimento an ingredient that we can not do without. This is one of the secret weapons of the best bartenders.

Elias Sergiopoulos finally talks to us about white pepper. Both fresh and spicy, white pepper is a unique ingredient of its kind. Its powerful taste allows cocktails to be subtly felt in the mouth.

These ingredients available everywhere will give more charm and punch to your cocktails.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.