Tea, an ingredient to enhance the taste of cocktails

Spirits, bitters and many other elements give cocktails their special taste. We also discover that tea is a component that deserves its place in the ingredients that can be part of the composition of these drinks. The Modernist, a cocktail bar located in Grayson, San Antonio in the state of Texas offers its customers to experience this.

For the occasion, it is used Earl Gray, a black tea flavoured with bergamot. It delivers a floral touch that combines flavours of orange and lemon. The addition of the tea releases new aromas that allow to appreciate even more the drink. Barons and Earls and Y’all Come Back are some of the tea-based cocktails at The Modernist Bar. The recipe also includes vodka for an alcoholic taste. At home, vodka can be replaced by gin.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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