ABSOLUT Extrakt, back to traditions with natural ingredients

The ongoing tendency of creating natural ingredients based spirits strengthen the vodka market with the new ABSOLUT Extrakt, an herbal shot.

The green spirit mainly infused with green cardamom and which main feature is underlined through its paper label –besides highlighting the use of natural ingredients- was recently launched in 20 countries during the month of March. The Pernod Ricard group aims consumers eager to spirits produced with natural ingredients.

Absolut Extrakt recreates traditional Swedish herbal drinks. Produced with pure Absolut vodka, sugar, herbs and infused plants such as green cardamom offering a spicy and warm taste, juicy, but fresh. To taste it, just keep it at a temperature of 10° C and serve it in shots. Another characteristic is its alcohol content of 35° making it lighter than a vodka, typically a minimum of 37.5 degrees.

With this the new creation Absolut seeks to reinterpret in a creative and modern way the Swedish tradition of snaps (shots).

The design of the bottle and its glass were conceived as usual by Ardagh Glass. The use of a label on kraft paper as well as the color of the bottle, eucalyptus green, recreate the bottles of the apothecaries.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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