Mutiny Island Vodka, discovering a vodka made from breadfruit

Distilling vodka with breadfruit as a base is the idea behind the creation of Mutiny Island Vodka. With this liqueur, Todd Manley, his creator wishes to pay tribute to St. Croix, the island of which he is native.

For his project, he chose the fruit of the breadfruit tree instead of the potatoes or cereals that are the usual ingredients used in the manufacture of vodka. Manley reveals that in the beginning, it was rather the option of using Guinea grass as the main component that had prevailed.

However, he ended up changing his mind with the selection of the breadfruit, which plays an important role in expressing the flavours of the drink. The main advantage of breadfruit is that it has a higher starch content than potatoes. The fermentation process is therefore more interesting with an enriched taste reminiscent of the tropics.

In addition, to enhance the quality of his vodka brand, Manley collaborates with Chris Richeson, an experienced distiller. By October 15, Manley hopes to start manufacturing his product in St. Croix.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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