Jean Abou Jaoude – winner “Best bartender profile” INSTA CONTEST week 1

We congratulate Jean @jean_aboujaoude from Beirut, Lebanon for his victory in the Category #1 “Best Bartender Profile” of the Spirits Hunters Instagram Bartender Contest. 

His profile cannot help but to attract one’s attention, because he is instructional, original, and promotes bartending with his Instagram blog by uploading advices/news/tutorials with every post. And not only does he share cocktail recipes that he has created himself, but he also shares the fact that he is also a beverage specialist and a flair master. 

Furthermore, his Instagram page is very colorful. He is an inspiration to us all for giving and for sharing everything he knows. Cheers to him in these difficult times and congratulations from the Spirits Hunters Team because his page is truly an inspiration.


About Jean Abou Jaude


Jean is a bartender from Beirut, Lebanon, who started to work in the profession at the age of 13 when he trained hard and started going to fire and flair shows. 

Spirits Hunters’ Competition was different from other competitions. I loved the idea, you compete with all your previous work, showcasing a whole portfolio of work. I had applied for the title of Best Bartender Profile, which I work hard on planning every post days before”, – said Jean about the #spiritshuntersinstabartendercontest.

Currently out of work due to the political turmoil and economic collapse worsened by the recent explosion -besides of Covid-19- situation, he does projects for brands and works as a freelance consultant for leading companies in the industry. If you need consulting, then you know where to find Jean @jean_aboujaoude.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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