Discover Nick Britsky’s cocktail ingredients of the moment

There are many ways we can describe Nick Britsky’s professional life; a seller, marketer, a bartender, a content creator?

Nick is an energetic entrepreneur from Detroit who loves cocktails and the web. He describes himself as a “Geek and a cool guy”.

He is Beverage Director at Thrilist, an online magazine about trips, food, spirit hunters and other fun stuff. He also contributes at Hour Magazine Detroit and owns his own site, Nick Drinks: Cocktail Blogger & Cable TV host.

Today, we will share to you four of the ingredients Nick is currently using to mix his cocktails so you can take a piece of this great bartender home.


Plantation Pineapple:

Country of origin: Trinidad & Tobago

Type of spirit: Rum

Description: Pineapple-flavored with notes of banana, citrus peel, spice and a hint of smoke.


Oak Barrel Spiced:

Country of origin: Puerto Rico

Type of spirit: Rum

Description: Warm spices with notes of coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, and hints of honey with a smooth and slow finish.


Sibona Alo-Ė:

Country of origin: Italy

Type of spirit: Aloe and grappa liqueur

Description: This is an infusion of Aloe Vera leaves and honey with refined handcrafted grappa.


Doc’s Green Absinthe:

Country of origin: United States

Type of spirit: Botanical liqueur

Description: Notes of Persian saffron, gentian, cardamom and Madagascar vanilla beans. All natural based ingredients with no artificial flavors nor coloring.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.