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Calvados sales progress with excellent results in 2019

Although Nielsen published sales results at half-mast of calvados, the Interprofession des Appellations Cidricoles (IDAC) reported “excellent results”.

The French spirit par excellence, calvados, has been in full swing since its 2019 results were excellent. The IDAC reports that 5.08 million bottles were sold last year. This represents a significant increase of +8.7% compared to 2018. Nielsen itself, the expert panelist, declared an increase of 2.4% in volume in large distribution.

Domestically, growth is even higher, at +24%. IDAC specifies that 50.5% of the volumes sold take place in France. The president of the interprofession stresses that this is due to the fact that the distilleries received many visitors last summer.

Calvados is a brandy obtained from the exclusive distillation of ciders and poirés. Cider is a low alcohol drink (4 to 5° alcohol) that comes from the fermentation of the juice of apple cider. Very popular in France, Brittany and Normandy are the champions in terms of production.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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