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Kruk Garage Brand Bartender Apron

A bartender behind the counter needs convenience, comfort and quality.

For those looking for maximum quality, the Kruk Garage brand has created this saddle leather apron. One piece, full length (89 cm/35 inches) and practical, with wide and narrow pockets to store bartendering tools.

The apron is also easy to put on and take off, as it has an adjustable buckle waist strap that attaches behind a leather strap and runs through the back.

The advantage with Kruk Garage: you can customize your apron, just indicate it when ordering. The available customization mode is stamping.



Length: 89 cm/35 inches

Width: 76 cm/30 inches

Width at top of chest area: 25 cm/10 inches

Leather pockets: 15 x 21 cm / inches 5.9×8.3

20х cm / 7.9×8.3 inches

20х cm / 7.9×2.7 inches



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