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Cocktail anecdote with Julien Escot: #7 the Botanical Swizzle

We continue with « Cocktail of Anecdotes » with Julien Escot (Aperture Montpellier). In this edition, we discover the Botanical Swizzle cocktail.
The cocktail by Julien Escot, based on green chartreuse, works its way to please the palate as he subtles the flavors of the French liqueur and brings out the freshness in this drink.

Botanical Swizzle Cocktail, an anecdote by Julien Escot

« A Swizzle that would not displease Quentin Tarantino, a true lover of Chartreuse. I created it on 16/05 on the occasion of Chartreuse Day. I have tried to harmonize the monastic liqueur as best I could by bringing it as much freshness as possible.« 

The Botanical Swizzle Cocktail recipe

50 ml Chartreuse Green

8-10 mint leaves

40 ml of fresh cucumber juice

20 ml of fresh lime juice

20 ml of velvet falernum*

50 ml sparkling water



Muddle the mint leaves with a muddler directly in the serving glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice, then add the rest of the ingredients. Mix with a bartending spoon. Serve and enjoy.

Recipes from Cocktail Now

by Julien Escot



Cocktail anecdote with Julien Escot: #7 the Botanical Swizzle



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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