Redefining whiskey : There are now edible whiskey-bursting capsules

The Glenlivet in collaboration with Alex Kratena, have released edible whiskey-bursting capsules. A new way to enjoy whiskey through creativity and know-how.


London Cocktail Week approaches, and it is not less than Alex Kratena with Glenlivet who are bringing something unexpected. The edible whiskey pods are available in three flavors. As a result of mixing cocktails, these are, citrus, wood, and spice.

Only 23 mililiter pods of the whiskey-bursting capsules exist so far. These are made from seaweed, which is completely safe to eat. In mouth they burst with whiskey. Glenlivet’s campaign for the pods highlights the hashtag #noglassrequired.

The London Cocktail Week

The London Cocktail Week kicks off from 9-13 October. Visitors an opt for a £10 pass providing offers at bars, masterclasses, parties and pop-ups around the city and unlimited access to the Cocktail Village. A total of 40 pop-up bars will participate and more than 300 bars across the capital.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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