pools with bars in dubai

4 of the best pool bars in Dubai for a dive and good drinks

Photo by Marc Deriaz on Unsplash

Enjoy a cocktail at the edge of the bars of these pools in Dubai, almost all located in incredible hotels in the city.



A place big enough for your sunbathing accompanied by cocktails. The site was recently renovated, has a vibe and tiki style and offers private cabins. From 12pm to 6pm you can enjoy meals and drinks from the menu.

Areia Beach Bar

A large swimming pool and a huge pool bar await you in Areia. Every Friday there is a pool party and good music to accompany your drinks.


Azure Beach Club

Good views of Dubai can be seen from Azure. An infinity pool, private beds and the desired pool bar. With your ticket from 100 Dhs, you can get meals and drinks.


Raffles Pool Bar

On weekdays you can access the pool and pool bar for 175 Dhs, and you can also spend 100 Dhs on food and drinks. You can also get an excellent 60 minute massage to relax.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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