The speakeasy Le 4ème Mur a revelation for fans of exceptional cocktails

Here is a small preview of one of our favorite bars in Montreal, a revelation for the fans of exceptional cocktails. Under a speakeasy and misterious atmosphere the setting is cozy, and sheds a subdued light.

Burlesque shows are a feast for the eyes, and for the taste buds their sophisticated cocktails made by connoisseurs will enchant you! You just need to go for a mouthwatering experience. The White Crowavec cocktail, its dry gin Citadel, its white chocolate syrup infused with juniper berries, its juice of bergamot (a kind of citrus), its Japanese green tea Sencha, its cardamom and its white of egg…

The cocktail Gare aux Gorilles, white rum Barbancourt, homemade banana syrup and lime juice; All covered with a meringue house with slightly burnt banana. Not to mention the Negroni …

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.