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Going out alone? This Japanese bar is for you

This Japanese bar called “Hitori” only accepts people alone. Located in the chic Shinjuku district it stands out in the neighborhood.

Hitori, means individual. This bar only accepts people who are not accompanied. Small in size, like many other Japanese bars, it gathered 10 people on a Thursday night. Between men and women, they attended the bar created on the seventh floor of an industrial building.

Open since June 2018, it normally accepts up to 17 people in its maximum capacity. But the special feature of this bar is that it breaks with the norms of Japanese culture. Traditionally, Japanese labels dictate that a person does not approach or speak to a stranger in a bar. In Hitori, the opposite happens. Here, people can enjoy their solitude or make acquaintances politely with other visitors.

In addition, the bar’s cocktail menu is very affordable. Prices are cheap compared to the average in Japan. Everything costs 1000 yen (9 dollars), and women do not pay entrance fees. Instead, men must pay between 500 and 3000 yen depending on the time of day.

The atmosphere of the bar is convivial and the people who come to enjoy are very positive. says bartender Rei.

More information: Shinjuku Bar Hitori 46-7 Third Hirasawa Building, 7th floor, Shinjuku City, Tokyo.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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