Lolita’s Rockets, the best bar in the Middle East and Africa

Rockets Lolita’s is located in Sandton, a residential area in South Africa. It offers in an elegant and refined setting, a menu of cocktails, beers and spirits of different brands. The bar is also known for its tapas and local cuisine.

The fact that the Rockets Lolita’s wins the title of the best bar in the Middle East and Africa is a real consecration. Sean Barber, the owner of the establishment was delighted that his restaurant received such a prize. Rockets Lolita’s atmosphere is special, with colours and lights that stimulate the senses.

The award, The International Bar and Restaurant Design Awards takes into account the layout, decoration and architecture of the areas dedicated to beverages and food. If the bar of Sean Barber could reach the first place of the competition, it is also due to the know-how of the group Rockets.

Indeed, there are nine other establishments in Johannesburg that are also popular with consumers.


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