London’s most unusual cocktail bars

Some of London’s craziest bars :

Ice bar
Everything is made of ice: the bar is made of ice, the walls are made of ice, the tables are made of ice, even the cocktails are served in chiselled ice blocks. There are also many crazy ice sculptures. A little downside, a little touristic!

Trailer Happiness
Notting Hill is home to a rockin’ tiki bar, nestled in the depths of Portobello Road. It’s all the retro tiki style, with lots of chestnuts and beaded curtains.

Enter this eccentric 18th century town house, all pink, in the Pink Panther style, we love it!

The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities
Visiting this museum in the basement is like digging in a madman’s attic! Once you’ve finished admiring Russell Brand’s pubis (yes, really), head for the cocktail bar, which is just as crazy and disconcerting.

Bar Soho
Everything is unsettable, even toilets, urinals are Rolling Stones lips. And don’t miss the signature drink – Soho Porn Star Martini – which comes in an incandescent Martini glass.

Hidden, when you knock on the door, a small panel opens and a secret password is asked. In the 1920s, the loud speakeasy and warehouse of the 1960s, lit by candlelight with vintage leather seats, zany pop-art paintings and mismatched wooden chairs. In addition, there is a menu of cocktails on the theme of comics to enjoy.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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