Shiso is growing in Brooklyn at Katana Kitten’s bar community garden

Shiso from the same family as mint, originally used in alternative medicine, and in many Japanese and sushi dishes, has found its place among today’s cocktails. It can be found in gin and tonic with shiso or Spritz with yuzu, at the Katana Kitten bar.

Open since July 2018, the New York bar Katana Kitten seeks to transport Tokyo’s cocktail culture to the West Village. To do so, the bar started by planting Shiso, a plant native to Asia that is very present in Japanese cuisine. Grown by the chef and owner of the bar Masahiro Urushido, shiso now grows in a Brooklyn community garden alongside a large number of herbs used in cocktails of all kinds that the bar also uses.

Katana Kitten, a particular name, which only takes on its meaning once it has been decomposed. The first part, “Katana”, referring to the famous samurai swords, symbolizes the passion for Japanese craftsmanship. The second part of the name “Kitten” (meaning kitten) refers to the famous “Maneki neiko” the lucky cat often associated with professional success. A wise choice that definitely proves that it will be possible to enjoy Japanese culture in the heart of New York City.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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