The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

Shangri La, Paris


A unique adventure in the heart of the French capital. The hotel Shangri-la is a concentrate of French and Asian culture that harmonize to give an establishment of first choice. The location is ideal, just in front of the Seine and not far from the Place du Trocadéro. The 5-star venue also seduces its customers with its terrace of more than 30 m2 offering a panoramic view of the city of Paris. It is open to customers during the week from 6pm to 11pm and on weekends from 3pm to 11pm. Wine tastings are often organized, with the participation of tourists and wine lovers who come to taste the flavors of the region. The outdoor terrace provides a stimulating feeling of freedom, sublimated by the magnificent scenery offered to the eye. The view of the Eiffel Tower is breathtakingly beautiful, especially at night when illuminated by a thousand lights. The Shangri-La Paris terrace is also the perfect place to savour the exquisite dishes cooked by star chef Christophe Moret.


10 Avenue D’léna, 16th arrondissement, Paris

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

Tivoli Lisbon


An immersion in the heart of the city of Lisbon. An unusual experience to live from the top of the terrace of the Tivoli Lisboa. The 5-star establishment has thought big in the distribution of this space equipped with luxury furniture. From your sofa, you can have a 360° view of the city of Lisbon. One has all the free time to admire the Castle Saint-Georges, the estuary of the Tagus, the Avenue de la Liberté, as well as the districts of the Baixa. Located on the 9th floor of the hotel, the terrace is a privileged meeting place for gourmets and tourists. On the menu, light meals in the form of soups or salads served during the day or night. Cocktails can be ordered at the Sky Bar for a soda. We also focus on the warm atmosphere that reigns in the facilities. With family, friends or colleagues, we like to spend time on this terrace. Open between 17:00 and 1:00 in the morning, it is suitable for resting during the hot summer hours.


Avenida da Liberdade, 185, Santo Antonio, Lisbon

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

The Ritz Carlton Shanghai


Dreams of greatness in the heights of a historic city. It’s hard to get rid of that sense of power when you access the terrace of the Ritz Carlton Shanghai. We are simply talking about the highest flat roof in China. In these unsuspected peaks, there are adventures of all kinds. Between culinary discoveries and leisure, there is no time to get bored. The experience is all the more interesting because it allows you to admire the skyscrapers and ultramodern buildings that rise in the sky of Shanghai. There is no shortage of sites of interest in the area. Among them are the Shanghai World Financial Centre, the Jin Mao Tower and the television tower, the Pearl of the East. The restaurant’s cuisine, although varied, does not lack originality. Offers a selection of Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai or Vietnamese dishes. We keep an everlasting memory of the meals taken on this terrace from where we have the impression of dominating the world.


Century 8 Avenue, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

The Donovan, Washington


A unique exploration experience offered in a 4-star establishment. Donovan always strives to satisfy its customers through its services and facilities. The business is a success with a terrace recognized as one of the most luxurious squares in Washington. It is recalled that the site is only open to customers and the public in summer, when weather permits. At the moment, we meet businessmen on holiday, tourists or couples in love. All these people take advantage of their stay for a short weekend or for a longer period to contemplate the panorama that extends before their eyes. But not only do you admire the beautiful scenery on the Donovan rooftop, but you also have a swimming pool and a bar in the pool. Facilities that make the place even more lively and attractive. When you’re not busy having cocktails or eating, you can make a few long ones in the pool.


1155 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

Sheraton Poland


An unparalleled feeling of freedom in Sheraton Poland. To discover the historic city of Krakow from above, nothing better than the terrace of the Sheraton Hotel Poland. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to contemplate the magnificent panorama that the city offers. Located on the 5th floor of the establishment, the terrace is a place to relax, but also a place where we like to have a good time. Delicious beverages are served, including Diamond Cocktail, a specialty of the establishment. Alternatively festive and relaxing, the atmosphere invites you to discover new sensations. Throughout your stay at the hotel, you have the opportunity to taste a variety of dishes reminiscent of Europe, but also pay tribute to local flavours. All this in a beautifully contrasted decoration with the white sofas that make up part of the furniture. They stand out from the Polish sky with the river Vistula and the Wawel Palace in the background.


7 Powisle Street, Krakow, Poland

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

Porto Bay Rio Internacional, Rio de Janeiro


Magnificent landscapes and the magic of Rio de Janeiro at sight. This table reflects the feeling of the clients of the 4 stars of Porto Bay Rio Internacional. From there, the city of Rio de Janeiro offers itself through an idyllic landscape from which it is difficult to look away. As far as the eye can see, historical sites such as Copacabana beach or the majestic statue of Christ the Redeemer. The terrace is also equipped with various services including two saunas and a gym. There is also a swimming pool surrounded by hammocks and a bar where delicious and varied cocktails are served. Relaxation facilities also include a massage room with professional masseurs. To meet customer needs in a timely manner, a competent and dynamic staff is available at all times.


Avenida Atlántica, 1500, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

ME London


The cream of the terraces of the British capital in ME London. This is one of the surprises that await those who decide to pack their bags in the 5-star establishment. The hotel is located close to some of the city’s most famous landmarks, such as Westminster Palace and the famous Big Ben, the symbol of London. From the terrace you have a clear view of the Shard, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge, among others. However, the interest of the terrace is not limited to the view, it is also appreciated by its bar, The Radio Rooftop Bar. Various drinks are served, as well as original cocktails for which the bartender has the secret. With professionalism and dynamism, the staff knows how to be discreet while guaranteeing a quality service. To add to the beauty of the places, a refined decoration and a comfortable furniture that invites relaxation. At night, the terrace is particularly pleasant with the murmur of the Thames in the background sound.


336-337 Strand, London, Westminster

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

O Monot Lebanon


Discover a space designed for unforgettable stays in Beirut. The Boutique-Hotel O Monot is one of the best classified establishments in the Lebanese capital. It is also distinguished by its terrace that delights the guests of the hotel. Tourists and other travellers disembarking in the city are also there. This indicates that the attractiveness and reputation of this space is considerable. What makes it such a coveted place is undoubtedly the warm welcome, but also the disposition designed to seduce. The result is more than successful, with modern furniture mixed with some more rustic pieces. A mixture that does not leave indifferent and that contributes to the charm of the place. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, there is a cheerful atmosphere that stimulates good humour. It is therefore well established to taste local specialties, accompanied by delicious beverages. A detail that should not displease, the view over the city of Beirut and its hectic life.

Monot Street, Saifi, Beirut

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

Ink 48, New York


An accessible place of relaxation in the heart of New York. That, in short, is the given description of the terrace of the Hotel Ink 48. Even so, we are far below its characteristics. As long as we know a little about New York City, it’s a place not to be missed. Very popular with tourists, it is also a space that businessmen or couples of lovers like to frequent. Located on the roof of the establishment, on the 16th floor, the terrace keeps its promises of spectacle and comfort. All you have to do is climb up to discover all of New York at his feet. Although it is not the highest viewpoint in the city, it offers views of rare beauty. Here, the tone is set to relaxation and good humor, with a relaxed atmosphere maintained by a staff attentive to the least needs of customers. You can see Central Park South and the lively Manhattan neighborhood.


653 11th Avenue to 48th Hell’s Kitchen, New York City

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

Hotel Pulitzer, Barcelona


Catalan hospitality has a privileged place in an irresistible place. The Pulitzer Hotel impresses favorably with its refinement and elegance. Those who stay there like to spend time on their terrace for lunch or just to relax. Spacious, the terrace has the necessary space for everyone present to feel at ease. It is also the scene of several events, including concerts that are held regularly throughout the year. Gourmet meeting place, expands the gourmet restaurant at the Pulitzer Hotel. Guests especially like to enjoy their dishes on the terrace while enjoying the view. In fact, it dominates Plaça Catalunya, one of the most famous places in Barcelona. For those who like to admire the panorama of the city, the roof is a strategic place. There is also a garden that adds a touch of freshness and color.

Bergera, 8, l’Eixample, Barcelona

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

Gran Hotel Vesuvio


The discovery of an Italian atmosphere. A privileged location, along with a luxurious design, unique features to the terrace of the Grand Hotel Vesuvio Italia. Situated near the bay of Naples, on which it offers an unbeatable view, it welcomes tourists, businessmen or families on holiday. Next to a large swimming pool, the terrace is an irresistible invitation to relax. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available here and there to rest and relax. After a few fathoms in the water, customers like to order refreshments or some cocktails, specialties of the house. Take a break in the shade of the umbrellas or chat with friends or colleagues, all activities for which you will enjoy spending time on the terrace of the Grand Hotel Vesuvio. It is defined as a space of celebration frequented by children and adults. If you can’t have a drink there, you can come and admire the sunrises and sunsets.

Green Fleece 7, Sorrento

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

Hotel Georges Galata


Welcome to one of Istanbul’s most popular squares. With its 5 stars, the Georges Hotel Galata is positioned as a first choice establishment. Its terrace is unbeatable and is among the best addresses of the city of Istanbul in general and the district of Galata in particular. Installed on the roof of the hotel, it offers a magnificent view of the Bosphorus Strait and the Cuerno de Oro River, two of the symbols of the city. The residents of Istanbul appreciate being able to enjoy moments of pleasure on this terrace covered by a Wifi connection. Due to the relaxed atmosphere, Istanbul residents and tourists alike enjoy spending time there. In addition to the drinks served at the bar, cocktails and other appetizers are prepared on request. In addition to the waiters, stylish servers ensure trouble-free service. It’s a great place to spend the hot hours of the day and night in the cool.

Serdar-i Ekrem Sok No: 24 Galata Beyoglu, Istanbul

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

Hotel Bayerischer Hof


A comfortable place with a breathtaking view over the city of Munich. The terrace of the Bayerischer Hof Hotel is a pleasant place to relax and relax. Located on the 7th floor, it is nestled in a magnificent greenery that contributes to the sense of calm that one feels when one settles there. The space is perfect for having a cocktail, or for enjoying breakfast while enjoying the scenery. Many customers naturally prefer to take their meals there. Others like to laze around with a drink or a newspaper in their hands. In addition to the view, the service is impeccable with a small staff. The menu of drinks and different dishes is well provided. On the menu, typical dishes of the Munich region, but also European cuisine. Delicious drinks and tasty desserts are also on the menu. Well exposed, the terrace offers optimal sunshine, ideal for recharging batteries.

Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Place de la promenade, 80333 Munich, Germany

The best hotel terraces from Paris to Shanghai

25 hours Vienna


A perfect rooftop for a stay in Vienna. The 25-hour hotel owes its fame in part to its terrace known as a rest area par excellence. Spacious and bathed in natural light, it is a place dedicated to moments of relaxation alone or in family. In summer, it is very appreciated for its optimal exposure and for the atmosphere of conviviality that reigns there. Served by a diverse clientele, the terrace is a coveted meeting place in Vienna. This interest is justified, given the warm welcome of the staff, but not only. The location and disposition of the premises allow to appreciate the surrounding landscape. One looks at a magnificent panorama that just needs to be admired. One of the attractions of the 25-hour terrace are undoubtedly the cocktails and the different drinks that are served there. The service is largely up to the reputation of the establishment, with alert and dynamic staff.


Hotel Vienne, Neighborhood of the Museums




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