The Clumsies: an authentic bar in Athens

You know the bar hopping was worth it when you came across the sixth best bar of 2017 in the world, the Clumsies Bar Athens. They define themselves under a concept of perfect imperfection, and with a fail-proof recipe represented behind their bar by Alexis Simondis, Vassils Kyristis and Panos Kanatsoulis. Mixologists and bartenders.

This authentic large bar in the heart of the athens is divided into several elegant and cosy and creative atmospheres, in fact there is a pool room and a library. Its spaces are bathed in natural daylight.

Come taste their homemade gin!

The bar’s recipes are carefully prepared and have a strong creative touch, as they are illustrated with metaphors in its cocktail menu. Their names range from Metamorphosis to Chaos to Nostalgia and Phantasmagoria. For rum lovers and vodka lovers, and many other kinds of spirits.

You can’t miss the Clumsies Bar if you are a gin lover, here you can taste the The Clumsies Old Tom Gin from the house, if you are still lucky to get it.