The QnA Bar and Backstage Bar in Bangkok, Thailand

At Spirits Hunters, we are never short of places to recommend if you are looking for a good bar to enjoy your evening, especially when travelling.

The QnA Bar is a spot you won’t want to miss if you are ever in Bangkok. If you fancy fine liquor and spirits or even cocktails, as well as a great interior design, this is a place for you.

This bar has been nominated for the Best Bartender in Bangkok, and is now one of the ten finalists.

The Backstage Bar is another place worth visiting: with its burlesque theme, you will definitely feel like stepping into a different world. This place is ideal to sip delicious cocktails while listening to cheerful pop music.

If you are not convinced yet, just know that this one has been nominated for the Best Bar in Bangkok.

Bangkok is a city with a very interesting nightlife, and definitely has a lot of locations where you can enjoy good drinks for an unforgettable trip.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.