backdoor milano smallest bar in the world

This Italian cocktail bar only takes reservations for two!

The Italian cocktail bar BackDoor43 only admits 2 people, that’s how it is, since it’s the smallest bar in the world.

A bartender just for you and your companion, in this Italian bar located in Milan. It is the smallest in the world, and is not a reason why its cocktail menu is not exhaustive. In four square meters you will be able to taste delicious original cocktails.

BackDoor43 also attracts renowned bartenders such as Luca Simonetta, Giovannesi Alessio (Bar Bacano/Bacardi Legacy), Kristof Uracs (Boutiq Bar, Budapest).

Another interesting side of the BackDoor43 is that you will be able to enjoy your drinks in take-away mode. Yes, through a window you can order your drinks to taste while strolling through the fashionable Italian city.

Each cocktail is served in a cup that identifies the name of the cocktail and its ingredients.

The creators of the BackDoor43 are the same creators of the first Milanese Speakeasy “1930” and the “MagCafe”.

If you want to know the smallest bar in the world you must book through the BackDoor43 booking site. The reservation costs 14 euros per person and includes a basic drink.

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43. Milano.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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