A kit of bitters for the preparation of cocktails

It’s common to find in famous cocktails recipes aromatic bitters. They are essential ingredients in the creation process of various cocktails. For an enthusiast of this type of liquor having a kit allowing them to prepare their own bitters is a substantial boon.

This special kit includes spices various herbs to enhance the taste of the preparations, peels of dried fruits and some citrus bitters. These components are also useful as aromas. Very elegant and well packed, the kit is intended for all those who wish to bring a particular touch to their cocktails. Bitters can be used for classic cocktails as Old Fashioned or Manhattan. This DIY (Do it Yourself) kit is a part of tools which every enthusiast of spirit should have at his disposal. It’s clearly for handymen and those who like testing their creativity.

To obtain this kit of bitters head to the Expertly Chosen website.



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