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The Omega juice extractor

Specially designed to make fruit juices, this extractor is an easy to use and reliable accessory. Thanks to its speed of rotation of 80 revolutions per minute, it allows to have a very good output during the realization of juice, purée or sherbets. This tool is a masterpiece, equipped with six nozzles and a patented double screen. Unique in its kind, it offers you a delicately filtered fruit juice. This chrome model adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen.


The Omega brand has been around for decades and is renowned for its reliable and robust products. It is a branch of the Legacy Company group, specialized in kitchen instruments. The brand manufactures high-end products that meet the expectations of beginners and professionals. It is recognized for offering very elegant horizontal or vertical extractors. The extractors are manufactured in South Korea by Hurom factories.
To purchase the Omega 8226 juice extractor, you can visit this site.


Do not drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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