It’s not too late for those forgotten gifts: ultra clear twist whisky glasses

If you still have loved ones to give away, ultra clear twist whisky glasses will fit perfectly in every taster’s hand.

It’s important to choose a glass that reflects the colors of the whisky, or bourbon during the tasting. Cooko Twist offer a clear, crisp, limpid clarity. In addition, their quality allows the flavors to be preserved and not evaporate. It also provides optimal temperature control. You can add regular ice or ice rocks to cool your drinks.

But these glasses are not only suitable for whisky or bourbon. Vodka, and other liqueurs and drinks can also be tasted in this versatile object for the bar. Both for an ideal tasting and for elegance in a simple glass of water or another drink.

The package comes with two glasses of a capacity of 300 ml. Their material is resistant and you can wash them in an automatic dishwasher, without worrying about scratches, dents or breakages. Cooko glassware is handcrafted into elegant works of art by master glass blowers.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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