The champagne flute moulds for ice pops that will make your summer!

Champagne ice popsicles ? Yeah! These ice pops molds of your favorite drinks will make your summer. Did you know they even existed ?


The mold called sophistipops -something like sophisticated popsicles- allows you to create your ice pops in the shape of a champagne flute. Summer is approaching at a great pace and although we are in spring the smell of bbq, going out to the park and tasting outdoors is already a reality.

With Sophistipop you can create popsicles of your favourite drinks. For example, you can try this rum-based ice pops recipe. Just add the mixture to your Sophistipop mold, of course!

To create your ice pops with Sophistipop simply fill it with your favourite freezing drink, then place the stems of the champagne glass on top of each mould and place it in your freezer. After a few hours, remove the set and pull a glass stem to retrieve a Sophistipop.

Each set of mold has four portions and have a size of 15.5 cm.


To obtain the Sophistipop mould:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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