5 cocktails with interesting names in Honolulu

In Hawaii, the cocktail culture is very much present. And these cocktails, they have names you’ll only find here.

Here are 5 local cocktails to enjoy in the Hawaiian capital :

What’s up, Tigerlilly ?

It’s a cocktail on the menu at Mahina & Sun’s bar: tequila, liliko’i, cinnamon and Riazul lime. It begins with a spicy taste that finally gives way to a sweet and sour citrus fruit.

Saint Matchamony

This sophisticated cocktail composed of Absolut Elyx, Matcha, Labne (Lebanese style yoghurt), honey and honeydew is a blend of flavours. Matcha matcha umcha is perfectly adapted to the acidic labo and both are tempered by the sweetness of honeydew and melon.

La chaula

Served in a smoke-based glass and topped with a slice of ginger, it is a mixture of mezcal, galanga, lemongrass and lime oil.

Truffle Shuffle

This full-bodied cocktail includes Old Overholt rye whisky, green chartreuse, Frangelico, truffle oil, a whole egg and fresh lemon juice.

Nocturna tactical nuke

The latter is made from a blend of Naked Turtle white rum, Gordon gin, Svedka vodka, Blue Curaçao, fresh sour lemon and an inverted can of Red Bull.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.