Five strange cocktails you haven’t seen before

Discover these cocktails that are out of the ordinary. Five strange cocktails you should try sometime in your life!

Foie Gras Flip Cocktail

At the Betony bar in New York, they serve a cocktail based on foie gras, the French liver paste par excellence.

It’s called the Foie Gras Flip. Its main ingredient is a dark rum infused with melted foie gras fat. It is also mixed with Amontillado, Demerara syrup, a raw whole egg and a crumbled walnut top.

Le Coquetier cocktail

A cocktail served in an egg shell? Yes. This is what you will encounter if you travel to Berlin to the Pret A Diner bar. The origin of this cocktail theme is known to be an invention of Antoine Amédée Peychaud, the creator of the bitter Peychaud Bitters. At the time, he used to serve his healing cocktails in egg shells.


This cocktail is made with rum, chocolate and cinnamon.


Diamonds Are Forever Cocktail

A million-dollar cocktail. This luxury cocktail is served in Dubai and to taste it you will have to pay a bill of 1347$. The reason why it is so expensive is because its ingredients are of premium quality: Heraud Grand Champagne Cognac (minimum price 2000 euros per bottle) and Luxor Champagne 24k.

Caviar Cocktail

Antonio Lai never ceases to amaze. Bar mixologist Quinary Hong Kong proposes this cocktail with an infinite foam. It is a delicate cocktail at an expensive price. It consists of caviar and martini flavoured with Earl Grey, cucumber, lime, lemon juice, elderflower and apple juice.

Another caviar cocktail?

This cocktail version differs from Antonio Lai’s luxurious version. It is however a piece of creativity. It is based on cointreau pearls that explode in the mouth when eaten. That is to say, they are pearls of alcohol created with a system of molecular spherification. All works by the renowned Doug Lamin.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.