It’s shots time at home! Check this watermelon jello shots

Tipsy Bartender brings us an extraordinary recipe for watermelon jello shots. Discover the recipe here.

How to prepare shots the original way? Tipsy Bartender is a creator of out-of-the-ordinary drinks. He brings us the watermelon jello shots, or watermelon jello shots, an original recipe but beware, although they look like a treat, consume in moderation.

We leave you the recipe below, but do not hesitate to guide you with the video.



180 ml watermelon vodka

90 ml red gelatin

2 teaspoons of neutral gelatin

1 cup hot water


Cut the watermelon in half and remove the flesh.

Mix hot water, gelatin and red gelatin and mix until combined. Wait for it to cool.

Once the mixture is cool, add vodka and add the mixture to the empty watermelon.

Refrigerate until solid and cut into chunks to taste.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.