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The Negroni Week ends, but you can still taste the best Negroni in London

The Negroni Week, the famous cocktail that has just celebrated its 100th anniversary, ends. However, it is always a good time to taste this cocktail. In these bars in London you can taste the best Negroni in the city.


The Dog House Bar

In this bar of the Italian restaurant Bernardi’s, you will be able to choose between 8 varieties of the italian cocktail. The menu ranges from classic Negroni to variations including gold dust and prosecco. Each Negroni marries perfectly with a plate of Italian food.


Rotunda Bar

At the Four Seasons Hotel you can taste a varied Negroni. It incorporates seven botanical gin products including artichoke and rosehip.



For an exotic variation, there’s the Negroni from the Pachamama bar. Here, they prepare the Negroni with a banana base. It’s a tropical infusion!



Jinjuu offers a bolder version of the cocktail. Incorporating Hwayo 41 soju, gentian root liqueur, white vermouth and mandarin bitter.



In this bar the Negroni of the house is called Negrooty: Opihr gin infused with cardamom and kaffir lemon leaves.

Bar 45

Smoked Negroni? At Bar 45 they serve a smoked Negroni which is stored in a small oak barrel. The recommendation for the smoked Negroni is the Ristretto Negroni. As you can imagine, this version contains coffee. These coffee drops give a smoky, dark finish.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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