Amid gin’s rising in the UK a gin bar and school opens

A gin school for the spirit lovers intends to open its doors soon under the company Gin Jamboree of Andrew Wilson (Old School Wines).

The plan is under development and permission has been sought to install a bar and distillery in retail and office facilities. Part of the petition’s argument includes “The Distillery and Tasting Rooms at Tittensor will be a celebration of all things spirit, with a micro-distillery at its heart.”

The statement also includes renovations to be carried out at the Old School House, where they will install the future construction, a site built in 1861 by the Dukes of Sutherland. Reforms at the level of heating, lighting and audiovisual and sound system. The school will take place in The Still Room, the area of the micro distillery.

Education and appreciation top their list and the enjoyment of the ‘water of life’ as its reason for existing” project representatives say.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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