Bache Gabrielsen presents an original creation of cognac for La Part des Anges 2018

Bache Gabrielsen, the house of fine cognac, joins the auction of La Part des Anges 2018 with an original creation a decanter made of precious wood.

Marielle Chopin-Pascaud describes the Bache Gabrielsen decanter for La Part des Anges. Composed of a precious wood stand, and featuring four bottles of cognac, from Petite Champagne, distilled shortly after the creation of the Maison Bache Gabrielsen. It is also a journey in the footsteps of Thomas Bache Gabrielsen’s founder, and his passions: aviation, sailing, gastronomy and music.

The benefactor will be able to discover Bache Gabrielsen’s passions in an unpublished, non-tourist visit.

This year 22 decanters and artistic blends, generously donated by the great cognac houses, will once again be put up for sale. Several companies, including Bache Gabrielsen, are among those generous donors who will support for this 11th edition “L’ école de réinsertion autour de la cuisine” created by the famous chef Thierry Marx.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.