Beer capsules to raise awareness about prostate cancer screening

The Pints ​​For Prostates initiative is aimed at making beer lovers aware of the need to screen for prostate cancer. The organization was set up in 2008 under the leadership of Rick Lyke who managed to get rid of a prostate cancer of which he was a victim.

This experience and his knowledge of the beer world led him to take action for those who may be affected by this health problem. To reach a large share of consumers, Rick Lyke relies on the collaboration of a multitude of breweries. There are, among others, Deschutes Brewery located in the state of Oregon, Left Hand Brewing Colorado or Bell’s Brewery in Michigan. Microbreweries are also part of the adventure to greatly expand the number of capsules.

In total, 50 breweries in 25 states are involved in the event. The organization Pints ​​For Prostates has named its awareness campaign Crowns For A Cure.

Note that each brewery involved can produce up to 80,000 special capsules. Rick Lyke hopes that this campaign will reach as many consumers as possible.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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