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Chernobyl vodka is helping refugees

We had already told you about the launch of the Chernobyl vodka “Atomik“, now they are supporting refugees and Ukrainian communities with the benefits of their two new premium fruit brandies.

Atomik is a vodka produced from slightly radioactive fruits grown in or near the contaminated exclusion zone surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Thanks to the work of scientists they were able to turn the project initially an experiment into a perfectly consumable vodka.

The profits from the Chernobyl vodka called Atomik went to communities living in depressed areas near the site.

Russian troops occupy the land where that fruit is grown and harvested, so now the Chernobyl Spirit Company will support Ukrainian refugees and communities with the profits from its two new premium fruit brandies.

The drinks are distilled from apples, pears and plums from areas affected by the Russian invasion.

Professor Jim Smith and his Ukrainian colleagues set up the social enterprise and says that after spending his career working on the aftermath of Chernobyl… he is horrified to see a far worse impact of the Russian war in Ukraine.

The future of the Atomik project – and that of the people who live and grow fruit in their orchards near the exclusion zone – is uncertain.


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