Mexico. Chinese market open to Mexican tequila

In terms of consumption of spirits, Asia and more precisely China have a high import rate. This is one of the reasons why Mexican distillers of the Tequila JG are considering exporting their production to the Chinese market. This is a large-scale operation in which producers aim to capture a market share with unusual growth potential. Citlali Guizar, the director of the distillery is fully aware of this reality.

Furthermore, an expedition of 10,000 bottles of tequila JG is expected in Shanghai. Guizar reveals that by integrating the tequila distillation market, he realizes a dream that he shares with his grandfather. Recall that tequila is based on agave from the state of Jalisco in Mexico where Guizar and his family are settled.

The marketing authorization of Tequila made from 100% agave in China was granted in 2013. Since then, these products have been found in the shops and bars of Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in China.


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