Crooks Scam Whisky Collectors with Deadly Fake Alcohol

In Scotland several newspapers report and denounce whisky scams with fake alcohol to collectors of this spirit. An estimated 40 million pounds of fake whisky is in circulation.

Whisky specialists have warned of illicit activities of selling fake whisky. With these Labeled “rare” whiskeys, they scam collectors and regular buyers of sought after bottles.

The Scottish Sun explains that Andy Simpson of Rare Whisky 101 has had encounters with scammers, who ask him to evaluate a whisky to improve their strategy. Simpson explains that his firm was recently asked to analyze a batch of 10 bottles worth 35,000 pounds. “They were fake,” Simpson said.

The consequences of the sale of these alcohols affect both the general economic sector and the whisky category sector but mainly affects human health.

Indeed, many bottles have been filled with methanol, one expert warned. It is a lethal substance found in antifreezes. For example, in 2015, 11 people died in Siberia, Russia, after ingesting fake bourbon with methanol.

This activity involves mainly criminal gangs that are said to come from Russia and Ukraine.

To ensure the origin of rare whisky, it is advisable to consult online expert sites such as,, or therarewhiskyshop. Expert agencies like Rare Whisky 101.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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