Cuba. A giant Cuba Libre marked the beginning of this year’s Pan-American Cocktail Tournament

More than 200 bartenders from all over America have gathered in La Havana to pay tribute to what is known to be the most representative cocktail in Cuba, the Cuba Libre.

The multicultural event started with a giant Cuba Libre preparation, to which bartenders of different nationalities; Cuba, the United States, Uruguay, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Nicaragua, and others, participated together in the made of this XXL size cocktail which was later shared with all attendants.

From a balcony, all the ingredients, including the ice, were thrown into a huge tall glass with buckets. The glass included two small taps on its bottom so that attendants could serve themselves with their own beer jars.

The 22nd Pan-American Cocktail Tournament lasted for a whole week on the Cuban island, which took place at the Tryp Habana Libre Hotel and was sponsored by Havana Club International S.A., Cuba Ron, MG Company, Finest Call (Puerto Rico), Campari, and Angostura, among others.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly

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