Desmondji’s Agave India and the latest DJ Mahua Liqueur

The DesmondJi distillery in India is becoming more popular internationally and in a less exclusive sector, bringing spirits to the masses.

DesmondJi’s Agave India produces 100% agave liqueurs, a creation that, as Desmond Nazareth, its founder, points out, has been designed for Margarita lovers, like him. They are obtained exclusively from Indian raw materials and manufactured in India in all aspects. In fact, he started the exploitation of blue agave in the Deccan plateau, a territory comparable to the Tequila region of Mexico.

DJ Mahua Liqueur is the distillery’s newest creation, worshipping India for its use of the Mahua flower. Inspired by centuries of tribal tradition, and made from the handcrafted pots of Agave India, the legendary Mahua flower is transformed into this exquisite and fragrant distilled spirit. Dj Mahua is available in 750 ml bottles.

Demsond Nazareth stated that “If France has champagne and Mexico has tequila, why should India stop at Darjeeling tea? Mahua also deserves the protection of the Geographical Indication.



Agave India Desmondji

In case you don’t know DesmondJi’s Indian Agave range, here are the varieties. They create not only agave-based liqueurs, but also a range of liqueurs and cocktail mixes.

DJ Mahua Liqueur (most recent)
100% Agave
51% Agave
Orange Liqueur
51% Agave Gold (Oak Finish)
Blue Margarita
Blue Curacao
Pure Cane


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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