IBA World Cocktail Championship 2022

Cuba to host the IBA World Cocktail Championship 2022

The IBA World Cocktail Championship 2022 (WCC2022) will take place in Cuba and is set to be the biggest reunion of the World’s Greatest Cocktail and Flair Bartenders!

Incorporating all National Guilds Members of the International Bartenders Association (IBA) from November 4th until November 9th, the IBA World Cocktail Championship will be a battle of the best. The IBA ensures that cocktails will be flowing and the skill & entertainment will be absolutely Incredible.

The hosting country for this year’s WCC2022 will be Cuba in the vibrant area of Varadero, led by the Asociación de Cantineros de Cuba.

National level Cocktail and Flair Competitions have been held in each of the IBA member countries to search for the next IBA World Cocktail Champion.

Get your Shakers out and start training in your routines for this Major Global Cocktail Championship.

Now is your time to shine on the world stage!

Contact your local Guilds via the IBA Association directory on the IBA’s website for events in your home country.

Instagram: @international_bartenders_iba


Previous Winners of the IBA World Cocktail Championship

In the 2019 edition of the IBA World Cocktail Championship, Andris Reizenbergs, (Latvia), was crowned winner WORLD BARTENDER of the YEAR representing his country.

Photo: courtesy of IBA


His winning cocktail was the YOU LOOK WONDERFUL TONIGHT


3cl Arctic Blue Gin

0.5cl Jiang Xiao Bai Baijiu (Black Label)

1cl De Kuyper Sour Rhubarb

1cl Fabbri Marendry Bitter

2 Dashes De Kuyper Cocoa Bitters

1pc Grapefruit Zest

Glass: SPKSY Nick & Nora No.601329

Garnish: Dried lime, Grapefruit, lemon, dried flower, Bay leaf, Honey Candy Pearls.



The international bartender Association (IBA) is the world’s largest bartender association and the host of the official World Championship in Classic cocktails and Flair.

The International Bartenders Association was founded on 24 February 1951 in the saloon of the Grand Hotel in Torquay, England, an international organization established to represent the best bartenders in the world.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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