Japan rushing to get enough beer for Rugby World Cup 2019

The bosses of the Rugby World Cup announced to the Japanese hosts that the last thing they will need during the rugby tournament is to run out of beer.

Japan is hosting this year’s Rugby World Cup, which kicks off on September 20. They are the first Asian country to host the World Cup and are therefore feared for the country’s poor rugby culture, including familiarity with beer.

To avoid any shortage of beer, producers like Kirin, which produces Heineken in Japan, said they will review World Cup ticket sales to ensure enough beer. Heineken has been the official beer sponsor of the Rugby World Cup.

Naomi Sasaki, spokesperson for Kirin explains, “This will be a great opportunity to show our products to the world… We want our guests to really enjoy the quality of Japanese beers.

The Rugby World Cup is known for absorbing large amounts of beer. In 2015, around 2 million litres of beer were consumed and rugby fans had a reputation for drinking more than their football counterparts.

The opening ceremony of the World Cup is on September 20 in Tokyo, with Japan-Russia opening match. While the final will be in Yokohama on November 2.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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