La Mentheuse : an original Agathoise cream with the Sud de France label

Distilled in Occitania since April, La Mentheuse is an original mint cream. As the dyes are not invited in this new formula, it is 100% made in France and natural. La Mentheuse offers great aromatic power on peppermint and a sensation of sweet freshness with only 15 degrees of alcohol and the minimum sugar.

A word of advice: to be enjoyed very fresh, ice cubes will do for a top-notch tasting. La Mentheuse was born from a common desire of three friends, Lionel and Dominique Albano, as well as Frédéric Bion. Having a small weakness for the old-fashioned digestive liqueurs with a strong character, they wanted to drink local and less sweet. After months of research with the Grap’Sud distillery, which specialises in wine alcohol, near Uzès, they came up with a cream without additives, lighter in alcohol and more discreet in sugar, in order to bring out the natural aromas of three mints. All this in a pretty retro bottle, beaded as it should be.

Low in sugar, strong in taste, this drink is a great ingredient to enhance refreshing cocktails.
When will there be a new taste? Apparently, they’re thinking lemon liqueur, a matter to be continued !

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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